NavPi v1.0.0 Tutorial Archive

Setup Stakebox

In this tutorial is shown how to setup a Nav Coin Raspberry Pi Stakebox. The tutorial is done in Windows 10 and using a different OS might come with minor differences.

The software needed is:

Win32 disk imager:…
SD Formatter:…

You can download the .ISO file from:

Used commands:
sudo raspi-config (2:38)
sudo iwlist wlan0 scan (3:17)
sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf (3:28)

ssid=”The_ESSID_from_earlier in my case DREAMFALL”
} (3:49)

Import Wallet

Tutorial by

Download Filezilla from:

In this tutorial:
– Import wallet.dat into Nav Coin Stakebox (0:23)
– Login to Nav Coin Stakebox (1:15)
– Unlock Nav Coin Stakebox for Staking (1:27)

Stakebox Security

In this video by

1. Change Stakebox login password
2. Change Stakebox WebUI login password
3. Encrypt wallet

Update stakebox

Always have a backup of your wallet.dat file!
For backup tutorial watch:…

Here is a fast tutorial provided to you by

It is very easy to update your Nav Coin stakebox. Simply connect to your stakebox and run the command:

wget -O –… | bash