Full Node Wallet

Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 is a complete wallet rebuild that has been forked from Bitcoin 0.13. It has modernised Nav Coin’s core with lots of new features. The Nav Core wallet is a full node wallet. This means you store the complete blockchain on your computer. The Core wallet is used for staking. You can earn 5% annually from stake rewards. Staking means you mint blocks and for that you earn a reward. More information about staking HERE

From exchange to staking

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From exchange to staking NavCoin.

This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the process. This tutorial is very detailed and beginner proof.

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You can find your NavCoin4 folder here:

Windows: ~/AppData/NavCoin4

OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin4

Linux: ~/.NavCoin4

Cannot find NavCoin4 folder in Windows?…

Cannot find NavCoin4 folder in OSX? In order to see hidden folders, such as ~/Library from Finder, simply hit shift + ⌘ (command) + G which will GO to a folder, then paste in this location: ~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin4

Import/export private keys

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More information:

This tutorial shows how to export and import private keys.
Private keys can be used to backup your wallet. Make sure to save your private key SAFE!! Do not keep it in a file on your computer without any encryption. You can write it down on a paper and store it somewhere safe.

Add NavTech servers

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On our website you can find all available Navtech servers. Have a look at the different servers and decide which ones you want to use for your anonymous NavTech transactions.

Full node wallet tutorial

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In this video we will show you how to setup a Nav Coin Full Node Wallet. The Full Node Wallet is used to stake your Nav Coins. Nav Coin is a Proof of Stake coin with an annual 5% stake reward.

– Backup 3.x wallet.dat (0:24)
– Install Full Node Wallet (0:50)
– Add Navtech Servers (2:07)
– Unlock wallet for staking (3:35)
– Nav Coin transaction (4:02)

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