NavPi 4.1.x

Step-by-step explanation how to update to NavPi 4.1.x. More information on why:

1. Backup

Always have multiple backups of your wallet.dat file. You can create a backup from the NavPi WebUI. NOTE: When using the backup, rename it to wallet.dat and import it. The NavPi will only recognize it when the file is called wallet.dat.

  1. Go to Control

2. Scroll down to Security

3. Click Backup Wallet

4. Save the xxxxx_wallet.dat file. I recommend to make multiple copies of the backup and store it also somewhere else than your PC, thumb drive or phone for example.

Restore Wallet

If for any reason you need to restore a backup of your wallet you can follow the steps below. This should not be needed for the update process.

  1. Boot to the Raspberry Pi.
  2. Open Terminal.
  3. Drag the wallet.dat file from your USB memory stick to the desktop of your navpi.
  4. Type the command: “sudo mv /home/pi/Desktop/wallet.dat /home/stakebox/.navcoin4/wallet.dat” and press *enter*.
  5. Type in your sudo password (default: “navpi101“) and press *enter*.
  6. Change ownership of the wallet.dat file so the user running the navcoin daemon can access it. Type the command: “sudo chown www-data:www-data /home/stakebox/.navcoin4/wallet.dat” and press *enter*.
  7. Reboot the navpi by typing “sudo reboot” and pressing *enter*.
  8. Open the WebUI
  9. Your wallet should now display the correct balance (make sure your wallet is fully synced).

2. Update

1. Connect to your NavPi terminal (SSH or Keyboard+screen). Learn here how to enable SSH.

2. Expand disk partition (as shown on the image below, default password: “navpi101”)

3. Reboot your NavPi, write: “sudo reboot” and press enter

4. Reconnect to the NavPi terminal

5. Run update script, write: “sudo /home/stakebox/UI/libs/” and press enter

6. Reboot your NavPi, write: “sudo reboot” and press enter

7. Reconnect to the NavPi terminal 

8. Become root, write: “sudo su -” and press enter

9. Download script, write: “wget” and press enter

10. Run script, write: “bash -x” and press enter

That’s it. The download process takes around 20 minutes over wifi. The file extraction process takes 10-15 minutes. It will look like it’s hanging on extracting the files but it just takes a few minutes.

You can check if the update was succesful by going to Control -> Get Server Info. It should display the following (update, 4.1.1 released):

Don’t forget to unlock your wallet for staking!

credits to mntyfrsh for creating the script