The Official Development Team NAVTECH Servers

Team Servers

The Nav Coin Team servers are operated by the Nav Coin development team. This is the first Navtech server cluster for anonymous Nav Coin transactions. The server cluster was activated for public use on 1 november 2016. The server cluster has since then shown reliable usability.


The Nav Coin development team runs a cluster of anonymous transaction servers. This server cluster has been operating since 1 november 2016 and has proven to be stable. Many transactions have been processed by those servers and so far it all seems to go very well. The Navpools on the servers are loaded with 50.000 NAV. The maximum transaction is 10.000 NAV. With the current market cap that might limit some users to anonymize large transactions.

Information: The Nav Coin development team can easily be contacted by email, Slack, Telegram or Bitcointalk. This makes it easy to get help and information. The weekly updates by the team keep people informed about development and server status. The team has been openly communicating about the server and their status.

Reliability: I have not had any problem using the Nav Coin Team server cluster. One of the 4 servers was hortly offline development purposes. This had no effect on processing transactions and was communicated ahead by the team.

Trust: The dedication from the Nav Coin Team to create a secure service gives no reason to doubt their intentions. The lead anon developer has always shown great transparancy about intentions and development. Knowing who is operating the server creates a lot of trust.

Cost: The servers have been set to 0.5% transaction fee.

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