The server

The SPUR server cluster is located in Germany. Unique about this cluster is the maximum transaction size of 150.000 NAV. The server fee of 1% is a bit higher than others, but SPUR offers extra services.

SPUR offers a TOR based service for anonymous transactions. This service can be used on any device without the need for a Full Node wallet.


This is a Nav-based service by SPUR group. SPUR is an independent group of enthusiasts and supporters of Nav Coin, willing to empower this amazing coin and bring it to new higths.

The first stop is the darknet, more to come in the future. SPUR provides a service to send NAV transactions on a TOR server which anonymizes the transaction through our Navtech servers. The source code of the API SPUR uses to connect with the NAVTech servers is freely available on github https://github.com/aguycalled/spur. We have made a little FAQ to answer the most common questions about the service which you can find below.


After defining destination address and NAV amount to deliver, SPUR provides an address and the full amount to transfer including the specified fee.
Send the full amount to the SPUR given address and your NAVS will be delivered using NAVTech nodes.

We believe that you are familiar with NAVTech if you arrived here, otherwise please take a deeper look to technical details on their White Paper: http://navcoin.org/downloads
SPUR sends the transactions through NAVTech anon servers, making impossible to link originator of the transaction to destinatary.
Both the amount and the destination of the transaction are encrypted using KBPGP javascript library on your browser before leaving your computer, so even a MITM attack or being spied by your government/ISP wouldn’t compromise your anonymity.
To further improve anonymity, we decided to launch SPUR only as a hidden service on TOR.
Please double check that the address you are accessing is the right one: http://4su7pqq6nyaecqoo.onion (only accessible trough TOR browser)

Every address is unique and generated for each transaction and will be only used one time.

Dividing the amount in different transactions and addresses makes impossible to link directly the transaction amount with the destiny, increasing the anonymity.

SPUR is a perfect solution to send anonymous NAV transactions from all type of wallets or systems.
Without the need to set up the required servers or full nodes, and adding the extra security layer of TOR.

In order to remove even the most minimal possibility of transfers tracking, we automatically remove any collected data from our servers 12 hours after the transaction has been started.

We hold a little -sqlite- database with the following fields:
– A randomly generated internal token id.
– Address where you will send the coins.
– Encrypted destination address.
– Original value.
– Fee.
– Expected value.
– Amount of coins received.

As already stated, the transaction in the db will be cleaned 12 hours after being initiated.

As we don’t keep track of any transaction data and due to the ninja nature of NavTech, we won’t be able to identify you and probably will be impossible to help you if anything goes wrong once the NAVCoins leave our servers. If you think your coins are stuck on our servers, please contact us.