Mogrith Servers

The First Individual Server Cluster

Mogrith's Server

This server cluster was the first cluster brought online after the initial Team Servers. There has been very limited down time on the servers and Mogrith has been adding new servers all over the world.

This server cluster is running on a Digital Ocean cloud service, high speed links and high availability.

The transaction fee for this server is 0.25%. The minimal anonymous transaction amount is 10 Nav, and the maximum transaction size is 15.000 Nav.




The Mogrith server cluster is operated by Mogrith. Mogrith is a long time Nav Coin investor and supporter. Since 2014 Mogrith has been active in the Nav Coin, Summercoin at the time, community. When Navtech was decentralized he was the first one to setup a Navtech server cluster and he was also the first to add a 2nd server pair to his cluster. While setting up the 2nd cluster pair Mogrith has been writing a guide. This will help future Navtech server operators setting up their own server clusters. The server cluster handles maximum transactions up to 15.000 Nav Coin.

Information: Mogrith is actively sharing news about his server cluster. He has been providing with information regarding his cluster and on Reddit he has also opened topics to provide information. /r/NavtechAnon r/Navtechservers. Mogrith is also active on Bitcointalk, Slack and Telegram. This makes it easy to contact him with any questions about his server cluster. In my experience he has always been fast with answers and helps out where he can.

Reliability: At the time of writing the server cluster has shown a near 100% uptime. One server is located in the United States while the other is located in India. The clusters make use of Digital Oceans VPS service. Digital Ocean is a trusted US based company offering a wide variety of services, I have sent multiple anon Nav Coin transactions using the Mogrith Server cluster and all have been successfully processed. Trying to send a transaction over the maximum transaction limit resulted in a correct error warning, not being able to process a transaction of that size.

Trust: Mogrith has not kept his identity a secret which is a big plus. Also being able to easily contact him and his work on providing a guide gives no reason to doubt his intentions. He has also been a long time around in the Nav Coin community. However, it is hard to determine the level of trust one can have in a server cluster. Only full trust can be achieved by running your own server cluster at the moment and thus a certain amount of trust is needed..

Cost: The transaction fee for the server is set on 0.25%. This is the lowest fee out there and very atractive to use for anonymous transactions.