NavCore 4.1.x

Step-by-step explanation how to update to NavCore 4.1.x. More information on why:

1. Backup

Always have multiple backups of your wallet.dat file. You can create a backup from the NavCore wallet. Go to file ->  Backup Wallet… and save the file. I recommend adding the date to the name. NOTE: When using the backup, rename it to wallet.dat and import it. The NavCore wallet will only recognize it when the file is called wallet.dat.

2. Update

1. If you have NavCore running close it.

2. Download the newest version of the NavCore wallet from

3. Run the NavCore installer

4. Run the NavCore wallet when the installation is complete.

5. You will get a popup asking: “Do you want to rebuild the block database now?”. Click OK to continue. Your wallet will rescan the blockchain. This should not take too long. In some cases the blockchain has to be downloaded again. It will start syncing from start again. You can speed up this process by bootstrapping the blockchain.

6. On startup of the NavCore wallet you will also be asked to vote for the community vote. Enter a 1 for Yes and a 0 for No. More about the community fund can be found at:

Note: your balance will show correctly once syncing is finished. Be patient and wait for your wallet to fully sync.

3. Bootstrapping the blockchain

You can bootstrap the blockchain to speed up the syncing process.

  1. Close NavCore if it is running.
  2. Download and save the blockchain file to your PC. You can download the blockchain from

3. When the download is completed, open the blockchain file. You might have to use a program like WinRar.

4. You will find two folders, “blocks” and “chainstate”.

5. Now also open the NavCoin4 folder on your PC. You can find the NavCoin4 folder in the following directory:

  • Windows: ~/AppData/NavCoin4
  • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin4
  • Linux: ~/.NavCoin4

6. Drag and drop, or copy and paste, the “blocks” and “chainstate” folders into the NavCoin4 folder. You will be asked to overwrite the current folders, allow this. By doing this you replace the current blockchain files with the ones you downloaded.

7. When the folders are transferred into the NavCoin4 folder you can open your NavCore wallet. Your NavCore now should only have a few weeks left to sync.

8. (optional) If your balance is displayed incorrect, repair your wallet. The repair wallet function forces yNavCore to close and rescan the blockchain when you open NavCore again. By doing this correct balance will be displayed again. To repair the wallet go to “file” and click “repair wallet”. NavCore will closed after clicking “repair wallet”. When the wallet is closed, open NavCore again and wait for it to open. Your balance should now be displayed correctly.