About us

Navtechservers.com is no part of the official Nav Coin development team. We aim to provide objective information about Navtech Servers to help you decide which ones you want to use for your anonymous transactions. I am an active Nav Coin community member and want to provide help to everyone. I have invested in Nav Coin.

Free content

We charge nothing for adding a server to our website. Also the reviews are free. We will never take money from server owners to change ratings. If you are a server owner and disagree with the rating, please contact us or write about it on our reddit page.

Honest reviews

Are you not sure which Navtech servers you want to use for your transactions? Can you trust a server? What does the server cost to use? What is the minimal/maximal size of a transaction I can send?
It is important to know the answer to those questions before you start using a server. We at Navtechservers.com find this information for you and publish it on this website. We review and rate servers but that is not all. Everyone can leave a review!
It is very important to be well informed before you start using a server. You want to trust the server that you use for your anonymous transactions. We will do everything we can to help