NAV Coin Team 30 October 2017 Ask Me Anything

Craig MacGregor


Craig here, Chief Engineer

Alex V


I’m alex, core developer

paul Sanderson


Paul – Software Engineer here

Laura Harris


I’m Laura – I’m from marketing team

Kieren Hyland


Hi everyone! I’m Kieren – part of the marketing team

Matt Paul


Hey everyone Matt here, I’m one of the developers


When can we expect marketing effort to really kick off?

dr_ropataToday at 10:06 PM

@Skyum with Laura having started part time, and myself starting full time in a couple of weeks, you should start to see things ramping up. We’ve got lots of things on the to-do list – so NAV will definitely be much more visible

LauraToday at 10:07 PM

@Skyum We are currently putting together our digital marketing strategy and now that our team has expanded we will be putting a bigger emphasis on this area. We are working towards releasing our marketing startegies to the public so stay tuned.

For the marketing team have you guys considered dropping the word “coin” from NAV?

 LauraToday at 10:10 PM

@YaBoiBeezy we haven’t discussed that. Want to share your thoughts more with us on this subject?

YaBoiBeezyToday at 10:12 PM

Very cool. @Laura I asked that question just because their seems to be a perception within the crypto community at large that projects that include the word coin in it with exception to bitcoin have less legitimacy

LauraToday at 10:14 PM

@YaBoiBeezy thanks for bringing this up! We will take it on board. With all the new developments in the Nav world we are starting to look into refining brand names so thanks for the suggestion.

unless i missed it. what is a general roadmap for marketing team?

 LauraToday at 10:19 PM

@BitWho We are focussing on our efforts digital marketing and content marketing currently. Planning effective strategies over all our platforms to assist our product launches and grow the community.

How do we position against other privacy coins?

 dr_ropataToday at 10:20 PM

In Some comparison in the Market, we don’t see NAV being mentioned in Privacy coins” And part of that will be due to marketing, we haven’t had the capacity or money to compete properly with others until this point – but now it’s our time to shine

What is the marketing strategy ? Do you have a roadmap?