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Our mission is to help you getting started with Nav Coin. Our tutorials will make it easy for you to setup your wallets and we provide information regarding Nav Coin.

Update 21 June

  • Refining NavTech 1.2
  • Polymorph next phase reached
  • Digital strategy development: video, articles, infographics
  • Craig in Europe to meet with Alex
  • Recruiting new Digital Content Creators
  • Subreddit restyling (
  • Succesful AMA on ARK Slack
  • Working on ADapp details

Update 14 June

  • Navtech 1.2 in testing stage
  • Friday 16 June 3PM EST, AMA on ARK Slack
  • Around 16 June, new Wallet release
  • Polymorph Sprint 5 nearly done
  • Auckland Development team meeting
  • NavPi boards arrived, pre-orders soon
  • "Getting Started" & "FAQ" added to

Update 7 June

  • Added to UQuid debit card
  • NAV re-enabled on Changelly
  • Navtech 1.2 done 14 June
  • Polymorph sprint 4 done
  • Craig will meet up with Alex in Germany to work on Subchain, Multi-Chain and NavTech 2.0
  • NavPi waiting on Raspberry Pi boards, soon ready
  • Forum, Paper Wallet and Store moved to new host

Anonymous Payments

Send anonymous transactions through the NAVTech dual blockchain system.

Easy Staking

Nav Coin is a Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency. You can earn 5% stake rewards annually.

Fast Transactions

Nav Coin uses 30 second block times, making transactions super fast!

Weekly Updates

No time to read the whole weekly update? Trying to find a specific announcement made in the past? to the rescue! We bring you an easy overview.

Video Tutorials

The Video Tutorials provide easy to follow guides. Do you need help setting up your wallet? Do you want to use the Raspberry Pi 3 Stakebox? Have a look at the tutorials to learn more.

Server Status

Are the NAVTech Server clusters online? Which server is reliable? The server status page gives an overview of the NAVTech servers and their status.

NAVTech Servers Map

The map offers an easy overview of all the NAVTech Server clusters around the world.

Choose Your SERVERS

Select the server clusters that you like and trust.

Team server

/Transaction Fee

Min Transaction: 10 NAV

Max Transaction: 10.000 NAV


Incoming servers: 4

Outgoing servers: 4


/Transaction Fee

Min Transaction: 10 NAV

Max Transaction: 15.000 NAV


Incoming servers: 3

Outgoing servers: 3


/Transaction Fee

Min Transaction: 10 NAV

Max Transaction: 150.000 NAV


Incoming servers: 1

Outgoing servers: 1

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